Eye Tracking

Want to know what is important for your customer? What is noticed at the first sight, and where gaze is fixated for longer? Are the elements essential for your sales and the image of your brand are remarkable or invisible?

We are running eyetracking researches using best devices and software of  SMI. We’ re testing all forms of advertising, commercials, layouts, websites and sale brochures. Thanks to mobile eyetracking we are able to verify the effectiveness of the POS and we will help you optimize your sales area, the store shelf and merchandising standards.

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Explore consumer perceptions

ISA  specializes in consumer and marketing research as well as in sensory analysis. We provide information about the evaluation of a product and the consumer’s reaction to the product, its packaging or advertising. We inform our Clients which product variations could interest consumers, if they are going to appeal to the target consumer and provide reasons. We address the strengths and weaknesses of a tested product, taking into consideration such factors as brand positioning, competing products, and display at the place of sale.

Matching product components

Our services include product development. We then work closely with our Client’s R&D department. We analyze all product components and their interrelationship in detail. We test the product’s usability and compare it with competing products. We help to eliminate those product variations which show low market potential in the early stage of development. We identify key product features, so that our Client can display them in the best way possible. Ultimately we combine the work done by both the R&D and marketing departments to increase the chances of sale.

Create augmentation and context

One of the most important elements in marketing related to sales strategy, is the product sales context. It greatly influences the consumer perception of the product and thus his purchasing decision. Product packaging, advertising, exhibition or logotype influences the way the context will be recognized by a consumer and if it will be congruent with the consumer expectations. ISA through its scientific methodology can answer these, and other similar questions. Let us work together on the context.

About us?

At the basis of our work lay the traditional consumer and product research methodologies, complemented by new neuroscience equipment.

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Additionally to the standard research solutions in research companies, ISA has at its disposal a lab to test respondent subconscious reactions.

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ISA offers a wide range of products which support key decisions made in Research & Development and marketing.

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